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Re-instating your IGSHPA Accredited Installer Credential

The recent NYSERDA ground source heat pump rebate program requires a current IGSHPA Accredited Installer (AI) Certificate.  NY-GEO has supported the need and the intent of this requirement. Essentially, the intent of this requirement is to raise the overall quality and level of competence at the installer/designer level.

NY-GEO & IGSHPA have engaged in extensive dialogue regarding the best path forward to facilitate the re-instatement process & reduce the costs while remaining fair to those who have maintained their AI credential over the years since taking their Accredited Installer Course.  The following procedure reflects the best collective reasoning by many people who have been actively involved in the geothermal industry for decades.

This collaborative effort has resulted in demonstrating the value of being a member of both NY-GEO & IGSHPA and the importance of maintaining a level of competence and staying current with the technology as required by the need to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s).  Attending the annual NY-GEO Conference has many benefits, but earning CEU’s is one of the most valuable.

The costs and requirements to get reinstated depends on when your credential expired as well as whether you attended NY-GEO 2017 (and we hope to see you at NY-GEO 2018 – Mark your calendars for April 19th & 20th, 2018 at the Radisson in Albany, NY).  If you are not sure when your credential expired or simply want to re-instate your credential, please contact IGSHPA – Gail Ezepek @ (405) 744 – 5175 or gail@igshpa.org.

The following table illustrates the breakdown of fees based on expiration date and whether you attended NY-GEO 2017:

 There are various options to take the AI Course, and please take the survey below to determine the interest and viability of providing a course in New York State, but the following are the current options and approximate costs:

 We appreciate your efforts to support and promote the geothermal technology in New York State and please contact us if you have any questions – Bill Nowak (518) 313-6436 or John Manning (315) 253-3720 or
contact Gail at IGSHPA.

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